About Volunteering

If you would like to a build a dog house for donation and live in our local area,  we will gladly supply the plans and materials needed to do so.  You can start a chat here or contact Susan Paneccasio at petamem@msn.com.


Being that we are 100% non-profit and solely rely on donations to keep this project funded, we greatly appreciate fundraising volunteers.  If you would like to organize a fundraiser you may contact me at petamem@msn.com.  Below are a few ideas.

  • Use social media to create awareness about this project by copying and sharing our Facebook Page  www.facebook.com/projectpethouse and our website www.projectpethouses.com.

  • Make phone calls or visit corporations such as Home Depot and Lowes and local lumber companies asking for donations of materials to build a dog house (3/4" sheets of exterior-grade plywood, 2 x 4 x 8" pressure-treated board, pressure-treated plywood siding, shingles,  1 1/4" galvanized screws, 3" galvanized wood screws, 3/4" galvanized roofing nails 3/8" galvanized staples).

  • Organize a wine tasting/cheese party

  • Do a 50/50 raffle selling tickets for $5.00/ea or 5 for $20.  After the drawing split pot between the winner and Project Pet Houses.  You can buy custom raffle tickets on Ebay or Vista Print.

  • Ask local restaurants and businesses if you can keep a donation box in their establishment.  I will provide them to you upon request.

  • Start a blog.


**Please help keep a pet safe and make a donation today**