A Heart For "Baghera" Keychain

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This is Bagheera's story. In 2017, Bagheera's neighbor in Blackwell, Oklahoma, contacted Project Pet Houses in search of getting him a new dog house. I was informed that Bagheera's current dog house did not have a floor, so every time it rained he would sit on top of his house because the dirt grounds around him would flood out. Seeing photos of Bagheera, and knowing that cold weather was settling in soon, I knew I had to do everything I could to get him a new dog house. After sharing Bagheera's story, enough funds were raised and Bagheera received a brand new HEATED dog house! On the very day that his dog house was delivered and assembled, the temperatures dipped into the 20's with frigid high winds. Bagheera however, was safe and sound in his new dog house. Thanks to his neighbor Terry W. and her family for having "A heart for Bagheera". All proceeds for your purchase will go directly to helping dog's just like Bagherra.

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