A little shelter
I can only imagine
"Christmas 2016 Random Giveaway"
Bagheera from Blackwell, OK. received  a new heated dog house with lots of treats and toys
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Let there be "Justice For TT" The Service Dog!  TT was severely abused by a groomer on Feb. 6th 2019, in Satellite Beach, Florida.  Please watch the videos below but I must warn you that some of the footage is graffic.  Also, please share so we may keep this story alive until her abuser is convicted.  TT is depending on you to be her voice!  This is "Justice For "TT" and we've got this!!

Inside Edition's Story

Nancy Sommers with Service Dog Nation does a podcast with Rick McGuire and takes you inside "TT"'s full story from the beginning to where the case stands today.  Please listen, then make sure to follow Service Dog Nation with Nancy Sommers to hear all her  past and futures podcasts.

005_Rick_McGuire_FINAL_-_7-11-19_5.51_PMNancy Sommers
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NBC CT NEWS Interview
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