Susan Paneccasio, creator/owner of Project Pet Houses

Hello, my name is

Susan Paneccasio

I am the creator/owner of Project Pet Houses in Suffield, Connecticut.  A non-profit organization providing free houses for pets, including feral cats, who otherwise live outside without adequate shelter.  The thought of this project came to me in December 2015, after realizing how crucial it is for animals have shelter at all times especially during extreme weather conditions and to protect them from possible predators as well.

During the winter, dogs and cats can go into hypothermia very quickly in just 40 degree temperatures.  Suffer from frostbite when their fur gets wet and freezes up, seizures, coma and ultimately an agonizing death.  In summer months, they can also easily suffer from heat stroke, dehydration, hypertermia, cardiac arrest and death.


Starting out with the help of volunteers, I built my own houses and donated them locally.  However, once I built my website and many requests started to come in from all over the United States, I realized that shipping my houses would be too costly.  Today, prefabricated houses are shipped right to the doorstep of one's home and depending on the situation, food, treats, bedding and heated houses have been included.  Project Pet Houses has not only changed the lives of many animals, but has also educated their owners on how important it is for their pets to always have shelter and most importantly to be loved.  Many owners have since brought their pets indoors and have had more interaction with them. 


Project Pet Houses is 100% non-profit and could not continue its great work without the generosity and support made by donors.  Thank you everyone and all and the future home owners thank you as well!  Remember, "Every Dog Needs a Woof!"